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DIY: Make your lips appear much bigger!


Want a simple cheat to make your lips look bigger?

Look no further!

Forget botox and all these fancy new injections, just grab your lipliner and lipstick and we will show you how!


First of all, I always apply a thin layer of foundation to my lips before applying lipstick or gloss…. It helps seal the lipstick or gloss and lets it stay longer!

TIP: Make sure you have a lipliner and lipstick that match in color.

So, lets begin.

Apply a thin later of foundation to the lips and allow to dry. Then take the lipliner and (the important part….) apply the lipliner ABOVE the lipline.

Now apply the lipstick or gloss as normal (it must go up to the lipliner)

You will automatically see that your lips appear bigger (and of course, beautiful)



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