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DIY Make-Up Stick Board


 Looking for a great way to keep all your make-up in one place?

This is genius!

This stick frame allows you to not just only keep all your make-up in one place but you could also hang it on the wall to save a lot of space on your dresser.

You will need:

Wallpaper, velcro, stapler and glue

Heres how:

Begin by attaching a piece of wallpaper to the back of your frame with glue – make sure there are no lumps or bumps (applied smooth) and it fits the frame perfectly

Next take the velcro and roll it, attach the ends together with a stapler

Once you have done the above step attach the velcro to the make-up item using strong glue

You will also repeat the above step but attaching the velcro to the wallpaper

Now attach the velcro part on your make-up on to the velcro attached to the wallpaper and voila, you have a stick up make up frame!


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