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DIY: Make a garden spade from an old milk bottle!


This is genius!

Garden tools can be pretty expensive and if your like me (who does gardening like once every 2 years!) I dont want to spend a lot of money on tools.

So thought I’d bring you a super cool DIY project to make your own in ONE STEP!

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 All you need is a milk bottle and a pair of sharp scissors!

Here’s how:

You know the part of the milk bottle that is under the handle?

All you need to do is cut from the bottom of the milk bottle to under the handle area and make sure the handle stays attached (see image)

TIP: Make sure the mikk bottle is clean before using!!

Voila, your new small spade is ready!

Now you HAVE to go do this garden with your very own DIY spade 🙂



  1. This may seem like a genius idea, but it’s not. It’s completely worthless!! I tried this out so my two youngest daughters could use them while gardening w/ me, and not only is it WAY too flimsy to use as a garden trowel (not spade), it’s much too flimsy to use for anything else! Garden tools may be expensive, but garden trowels most definitely aren’t at all. You can buy a nice garden trowel right now on Amazon (Fiskars brand) as an add-on item for only 84¢, or go get a generic metal trowel for $1 at the dollar store.

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