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DIY Longer Lashes


Did you know that there are actually tricks to make your eye lashes look longer without the usage of a mascara?

Yes, yes, there are. It will sound strange to you at first, but vaseline in jars is one of the tricks. The same vaselines that are used for dried or burnt skin. No need to give your money for lash serums, which are probably not going to work anyway. Simply go to the closest drugstore and buy a jar of vaseline, if you don’t already own one.

Every day before you go to bed take a cotton bud or a small brush, dip it in the jar and afterwards apply on your lashes from the roots. Remember, this is not a serum, it simply moisturizes and gives them more strenght. Strong and voluminous lashes makes them look longer, it’s actually an optical illusion, and they are simply more beautiful now.

Apply the product at least 1 month, knowing that 3 months is advisable. Be carereful with your eyes, be patiente and just wait for it to start being effective. You can see the difference in just a week after you start using it regulary!



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