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DIY Lady Gaga Eye Make-Up


 Sometimes, Lady Gaga can go to extremes, but I must admit i’m kinda digging this hot pink eye make up idea.

So…. I thought we would share this DIY for you to get this great summer eye make up feeling too.

Its super easy, youll just need:

Hot pink eyeshadow

Medium pink eyeshadow

Black kohl eyeliner

Black liquid eyeliner


Applicator brush

Here goes:

1. Begin by sweeping the hot pink eyeshadow over the full eyelid

2. In the inner V sections of the eyes, apply the medium pink eyeshadow to the V’s

3. Now blend slightly – where the 2 colors meet – with the applicator brush

4. Apply black kohl eyeliner as normal

5. Apply black liquid eyeliner as normal

6. Apply mascara

Your ready for your applause! 😉



  1. You can tell that there are obviously three steps of eyeshadow here… First the hot pink on the lid.and then a copper bronze above your crease for blending… And then from what I can see… A dark pink almost maroon or wine colored for the outer corners of your lid .

    • But I say if you are going for this look all the shadows you use should be frosted or metallic shadows to match the look

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