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DIY Jean Pocket Notebook


Kinda cute huh?

This is a very nice DIY project that you could give as a gift and add pictures inside as a mini scrapbook or a cute scribble notebook for yourself!

 You will need:

 A small notebook, Jean Pocket, Binder hole punch, Ribbons, Pens, Scissors, Lace, 1 x button, 2 x fake leaves and strong glue

1. Begin by cutting out the jean pocket with scissors to the same size as the notebook

2. Now using your hole binder punch – punch the holes in exactly the same place as the original binded section of the notebook

3. Now your jean pocket is attached, its now time to decorate!

4. Get the pens and clip them on to the jean pocket as shown

5. Tie to the binder rings, some ribbons as you wish

6. Now for the flower decoration – using scissors cut a big circle from the lace

7. Repeat step 6 two more times but with each circle a little smaller than the last

8. Now attach the biggest circle of lace to the book with glue and allo to dry

9. Now repeat step 8 by placing the medium sized circle on top of the large, then the small circle on to the medium sized one and glue the leaves under the flower as shown

10. Once fully dry, again using glue, attach a button to the middle section of the flower

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