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DIY Infinity Scarf


Infinity Scarf $46 or make it myself for ONLY $7? Go on then!

Ok, so we don’t like to pay over the odds for accessories that will be packed away for 9 months of the year however, we do like to be trendy, cute and cool when the cold weather does come – so what’s the alternative?

Don’t worry, we got you!

The infinity scarf retails in stores for around $46, I mean really? How about we show you how to make it yourself, with only 4 lines of stitching create the colors YOU want for $7 of your finest Dollars?

Ok, let’s go!

What you need:

– 2 long rectangles of fabric (almost all types of fabric will work but cotton jersey knits are best which are more stretchy and soft)

– Thread the same color as one of your fabrics

– Hand-sewing needle

Fabric rectangles are normally about 60″x18″ each which will create a long scarf looped one time but also enables doubling. Simply adjust the length if you’d like a shorter/longer scarf and adjust the width of this rectangle

You can actually achieve this by using a big old t-shirt to create each rectangle (you’re probably going to need a XXL or larger or use several shirts worth of fabric to piece your rectangles until you get the right length):

Cutting along the red dotted lines at the

Indicated measurements will create a 2-ply

(Front and back of the shirt)


You will cut one of the sides (if there

was a side seam on the shirt to

eliminate it) to have an open rectangle of fabric.




So whatever you did to acquire/create/procure/piece together your approx. 60 x 15″ rectangles, you now have your two long rectangles

STEP 1: Fold each rectangle lengthwise (matching up the raw long edge and keeping right sides together) if you have a fabric that has a non-patterned side. Sew/serge along the long side – repeat for the other rectangle/fabric

STEP 2: Reach your arm inside each rectangle and turn right side-out. Don’t press these seams because we are going for tubular – the result: two long tubes of fabric.



STEP 3: Make your braid.

It can be difficult to explain so the below picture will help you out!


A: Make two loops by folding in the middle of each tube- overlap them on top of the other. 

B: Reach your arm under the crook of the bottom (blue) loop and grab the ends of the top (purple) loop. 

C: Pull the ends of the top loop back through the crook of the bottom and lay them on top of the bottom crook. 

D: Cinch and straighten making sure the knot is in the middle. 

E: Spread the ends of the top loop out and away from each other. 

F: Reach between the top ends and under the bottom crook to grab the tails of the top ends. 

G: Pull the top ends back through the bottom loop. 

H: Pull through to lay them over the bottom loop. 

I: Pull all four ends to cinch the knots tighter 

J: Sqinch and shift to make your knots compact. 

K: Twist and adjust and do what you need to make the knots uniform and pretty. 




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