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DIY – How to copy the celebs straight, sleek hair!


With countless celebs at the Golden Globes ditching their as-per-usual classic Hollywood glam waves and big bouncy blowouts for stick-straight, edgier styles, does this mean the reign of the blowout is over?

Not necessarily.

As you know, switching up your hairstyle is always fun, but after a long run of voluminous curly hair, it just might be time to change things up.  

1. Sleek and Shiny:

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One of the reasons stars, such as Jenna Dewan-Tatum, might be switching from blowouts to a simpler style is because they’re starting to feel (and see) the damage of the hot tools they’re constantly using to do their hair.

So, to get a red-carpet look like this one (and minimize heat damage), we suggest using one hot tool only: a blow dryer.

The awards are all about having shiny, healthy-looking hair. This comes from using the nozzle at the end of your blow dryer to help focus the air flow downward, pushing the cuticle flat, so that your hair isn’t left frizzy. Unlike a straightener, a blow dryer will also help keep the body in your hair.

Finish off the look by tucking both sides behind your ears and placing all your hair behind your shoulders.

2. Simple, Sleek, and Chic:

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It’s really all about the amount of tension you have on your hair when you blow it out.

Using a boar bristle paddle brush is also important because it’ll give you more of a sleek, shiny look.

Another thing you want to remember — especially if you have relaxed hair — is to always use a heat protector spray to protect the health of your hair.

The last thing you need is to fry your hair with the hot temperatures from your blow dryer. After you’ve finished blow drying, run a little styling pomade through the hair (including the roots) and slick it back behind your ears to set the look.

3. Side-Parted and Straight:

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Straight hair, albeit sexy, is just straight hair.

So, if you want to switch up your strands, we recommend playing with the position of your part.

A deep side part like Drew Barrymore’s will give you a more sophisticated look compared to a middle part.

Switching it up can also give your roots added lift so your straight hair doesn’t fall too flat.

To get this look, start with damp hair. Place the pointed end of a teasing comb 3 or 4 inches above your ear on either side of your head. Guide the comb from your hairline all the way to your crown.

Part the hair, and begin blow drying the sections on either side of your new deep side part. Finish by smoothing the stop section over and placing it behind your ear.

4. Flat-Ironed With a Fringe:


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Looks like Reese Witherspoon is reverting back to the 2007 Golden Globe awards when she debuted epic bangs. 

This sleek style looks amazing with a soft bang more so than a heavy bang, it’s an easy, simple style that still looks current and on-trend.

To try Reese’s ‘do, part your damp hair an inch or so to either side of a middle part.

Blow dry your hair with a flat paddle brush and style your bangs a little straighter than you normally would. Go back over your hair with a flat iron to get her super straight strands.

However, don’t straighten the bangs; the iron will make them too stick straight and cause flyway’s.

Finish by tucking the hair on the parted side of your hair behind your ear. 




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