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DIY Hot Chocolate Mix


DIY Hot Chocolate Mix!


Stay warm and cozy with a delicious Hot Chocolate mix that you can DIY!


Our recipe below produces a LOT of mixture – so give some away in nice, cute jars for Christmas!



Ingredients you’ll need:


25 oz. Powdered Milk 16 oz. Powdered Sugar
16 oz. Powdered Creamer 32 oz.  Nesquik Powder Chocolate Flavor









1.   Mix powdered milk and powdered sugar together.

2.   Add in the powdered creamer and mix well.

3.   Add Nesquik and mix well.  Make sure it is evenly distributed.

4.   Store in airtight container.


When ready for hot chocolate, add at least two heaping spoonful’s to your mug.  

Add hot water and stir.


Make sure…


You have a very large mixing bowl to mix this together.


There is a lot of creamer and milk in this which is what makes it soooooooo yummy.  

Keep in mind it takes quite a bit of spoonful’s when you add the hot water.  


Add more if you think it’s not rich enough for you.


This makes a lot!  Plan on using it all winter or give some away as gifts!



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