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DIY Hair Highlights


Ever wondered how to make hair highlights at home? You`ve just came to the right place, as we are going to show you an awesome idea!

First, it is very important to point out that it will work well, only if you are bleaching your natural hair colour. It may not end up successfully if it has been dyed for example. So, if your hair is still a “virgin” keep on highlighting it.

So choose your colour. There are some highlight hair dyes, which work very effectively. When you choose the colour, please mind your natural one and the result you want to achieve.

You will need: a rat tail comb, a bowl and brush for your color, a mirror, a slightly damp towel, lots of clips to keep hair out of the way, and foil.

Cut the foil into strips and fold over the short end about a 1/4 inch 3-4 times.

So, it is time to start. Section your front hair and use the clips to keep the rest of the hair away. Thentake the first piece of hair, place a piece of foil under and spread the dye. Then fold the foil two or three times and continue with the next piece of hair. Repeat this procedure, until you decide you`ve got enough highlights.

Now you need to follow the manufacturer`s instructions and stay like this for a while. When the time is up, simply wash your hair, condition it and enjoy the results.

So, do you like your highlights?



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