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DIY Hair Criss Cross


A simple yet chic way to wear your hair.

We’re going to show you a very simple way to achieve this look using only bobby pins! (This can be used for both long amd short hair)

1. Begin by making sure the hair is clean and has been straightened out.


2. Take a section of the hair from the crown (this should be around half of the hair on one side – as shown on image)

3. Split this section of hair in to 3 equal sections

4. Take the middle piece of hair and fold it under the piece of hair at the front of the head (as shown)

5. Now take the front piece and fold under the middle section to begina criss cross effect (as shown)

6. Step 7, 8 and 9 as shown, repeat this process until all hair is criss crossed

7. Attach to the head with bobby pins

8. Use hairspray to keep in place as required

Wow! Looks great! 🙂



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