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DIY Green Smokey Eye Make-Up


Stunning, stunning, stunning!

This look is amazing for a night out or a romantic date and its real easy to do.

You will need:

White, light green, brown, and dark green eyeshadow


Black kohl eyeliner

Black liquid eyeliner


1. The best way is to begin from the inside out, so take your white eyeshadow and apply to the inner V section of the eyes

2. Now apply the light green eyeshadow beside the white (refer to picture for measurements) this should only be a small amount of light green eyeshadow covering the eyelid.

The same should be done under the eyelash line (under the eye)

3. Now continue with the same steps with the dark green eyeshadow.

Dont worry about blending the colors we will do this in a later step ( go ahead and do the same under the eye)

4. Now using the brown eyeshadow apply to the out sections of the eyes and slightly above the eye crease (as shown)

5. Use an applicator brush to gently brush over the eyelid to blend the colors. Now add your black kohl eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and mascara as normal



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