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DIY: Gothic Eye Makeup


Go deep and dark with your very own Gothic Eye Make up tutorial!

Grab your: Concealer, white eyeshadow, dark grey eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner, black kohl eyeliner, eyelash curler, make up sponge, applicator brush and mascara and we’re ready to get goth!

gothic -makeup

1. Begin by ‘dabbing’ concealer on to the eyelid

2. Using your finger, spread the concealor over the eyelid

3. Using the make up sponge completely blend in the concealer

4. Now using an application brush, apply the white eyeshadow to the inside crease of the eyelid and slightly above as seen in the image

5. Apply dark grey  eye-shadow under the white eyeshadow to cover the whole eyelid

6. Apply black kohl eyeliner to the bottom lashline as normal

7. Apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner to the top lashline as normal

8. Now extend the liquid eyeliner line out away from the eye and a single line in and after the V sectiom of the eye (as shown)

9. Using eyelash curlers, curl the eyelashes as much as possible for maximum effect

10. Finish ip by applying black mascara as normal


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