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DIY Gold and Cat Eye Make-Up


Simply stunning in 5 easy steps!

This gold and cat eye idea with have you the talk of the streets! Classy yet cool, what else do we need more?!

Get ready:

Light and dark gold shimmered eyeshadows

2 x Applicator brushes

Black liquid eyeliner

Black kohl eyeliner

Black mascara

Pink Lipstick

Here goes:

1. Begin by using an applicator brush to apply the light gold eyeshadow to the eye lid and the upper section of the eyelid (under the eyebrow)

2. From the inside crease of the eyelid apply the dark gold

3. Use an additonal applicator brush to blend the two colors together

4. Apply the liquid eyeliner, kohl eyeliner and mascara as normal

5. Apply pink lipstick to finish the look



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