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DIY- Glitter Polish


Today I’ve decided to show you how to make all by yourself glitter polish. The glitter polish has actually been popular for quite some time now. It looks really fabulous on your nails, I wouldn’t call it sophisticated, mainly because every time I look down at my glittery nails it causes me to lose my composure and go all giddily.

The glittery polish is not only easy to make, but the manicure itself is very fun as well! It’s also easy to remove, you just need a basecoat so you can peel it off. It does not matter how old are you, glitter is not just for girls, but for women, too! Even my mother often rocks her nails with glitter from time to time!

The best of all in this tutorial, however, is that you can do you own glitter polish in any color you want and like!

You will need three kinds of sparkle. When you choose the color of the, you can also use a pigmented loose-powder eye shadow in the same color. The other way is to buy pigment powder.

Next step is to choose a bottle of top coat. I really advise you to not use a quick drying top coat. Definitely not! Roll and post it into a cone shape and tape the side to create your funnel.

I used about ¼ teaspoon of the chunky glitter, 1/8 teaspoon of the fine glitter and a pinch of gold pigmented loose-powder eye shadow. If you like it, you can always add more sparkles, it depends on the size of your bottle. However, you can follow the exact steps of this tutorial if it is your first time doing something like that and improvise and be creative when you get used to doing it!

Last step? Shake the bottle! The mixture should be well mixed, so all of our ingridients are blended together. Now you are ready to rock your nails with the glitter polish you just made! Good luck, ladies!


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