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DIY Gladiator Sandals


The power of the Roman Empire is eminent, having in mind those Gladiator sandals for example.

They have been a top fashion style for like the last 2 thousand years. Impressive, huh? If you want to feel the Roman spirit, then take your old, plain sandals and we`ll show you how to make the

Gladiator style.

You will need:

• At least 5 yards of leather (or faux leather) trim (try to match the material and width of the

straps of your flats as much as possible)

• Scissors

• Plain Sandals

• E6000 glue

• 6 press stud buttons

• A multi hole punch tool

• Optional: some PVC or wire to stiffen the main gladiator spine

What to do:

Decide how many strips will you have around the legs and measure them around your calf. Cut the leather in length matching your measures. Cut two even long strips – they will go along the leg. Then

make the “skeleton” of the Gladiator sandals – check the picture. Attach to the sandals and let them dry overnight.

Then measure again the strips, punch holes and attach the press stud buttons.

That`s all – you have lovely Gladiator sandals for the summer. Enjoy!



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