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DIY Garden Lighting Idea


Spring is upon us and its lovely to be able to spend some time in the back yard area and relax.

Here is a beautiful DIY idea for you to bring your garden to life with your very own romantic candle lights.

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You will need some glass jars with lids, flat / small stones or pebbles, pieces of chain, string or ribbon and candles

1. Clean out all jars and make sure you have lids that fit correctly

2. Remove the jar lid and pour in some small pebbles or stones of the color of your choice

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3. Now bury the candle slightly inside the pebbles / stones so it does not fall over

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4. Close the lid on the jar

5. Now using pieces of chain, string or ribbon, attach to the lid

Thats it! Really easy and beautiful for your relaxing evenings at home this season.


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