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DIY Flip-Flop Mop


The Mops in the supermarket are too mainstream! Make your very on flip-flop mops, which will make your cleaning activities much more fun and easy.

You only need a pair of flip flops and a cotton cloth – you can use a real mop, too.

Just attach the mop / clothing strings to the bottom of the flip-flops, using glue for example and let it dry.

Then put the flip flops on and start cleaning – it has never been funnier before.

If you feel like being creative, use colorful strings and attach different accessories to make the flip-slop mop even cooler.

No matter how much you hate cleaning – this flip-flop mop will turn it into one of your favourite activities. What`s more – make a few pairs and invite some friends over. Everyone knows what`s pajama party – let them know what`s a flip-flops party. Have fun!



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