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DIY Fashion: Lovely Dress out of a T-shirt


What to do with a large T-shirt? A dress, of course!

A new dress is always welcome in a girl`s wardrobe, so let`s wake up the talented fashion designer in you and show you how to make a lovely dress put of your boyfriend`s T-shirt (this could also be a very good revenge – jk) . Cut the dress in half.

Let`s start with the top part – cut out the sleeves, as shown on the picture and sew them. Then punch a hole in the middle of the bottom. You will need this to make the dress sexy and stylish.

Then, let`s continue with the bottom part. Just cut the middle of the top section, as shown on the picture and then thread one of the pieces through the hole and make a know with the other one.

That`s it. Congratulations on your new dress! Enjoy it and show off your designer skills!



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