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DIY Cute Mason Candle Jar


Talking about home decor, many people find candles to be a great idea for any room. If you want to make the place you live even better, definitely take advantage of some of your old jars. What do we mean?

Well, just check out the step by step tutorial below, which will teach you how to convert an ordinary jar into an amazing piece of art, dedicated to handling your candles.

Take an ordinary jar and stick a large piece of tape onto it. Then cut it in the form of a heart for example and remove the excess.

The next part could be a little bit messy, so be prepared. You need to spray the whole jar with black matte spray. When it is almost dry, peel off the heart-shaped tape and use a thin brush and white paint to make the decoration around the heart. In this case it looks like as if we have sewed the heart to the jar – cute, isn`t it?

You can add some more decorations around the neck for example – we`ll just leave that to your imagination. When everything is dry and in place, you can light a tea candle and put it into the jar. Amazingly beautiful – there are no word to explain the feeling you are going to feel!



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