Image Source: © Mikhail Malyugin

DIY Cute Big Bun


Buns are very stylish, yet convenient hairdo. They could messy or smooth, big or small, high or low, but in any case – they are just awesome. In this tutorial, we`ll show you how to make a big, high braided bun. Just make a high ponytail and wrap a big elastic or a scarf around the initial one. Spread the hair evenly around it to make the bun and tuck the hair under, leafing two long strands out.

Make two ordinary three strand braids and wrap them around the bun base. Secure with bobby pins, if necessary, spray your hair and you are ready to go!

Buns are very nice and convenient hair style. It might not work that great from the first attempt, but keep trying, until you are satisfied by the result. It`s totally worth it!



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