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DIY- Curly Hairstyle With Volume


If you have straight hair without any volume and you want to go out and look different this hairstyle is the right choice for you .

First you need to section your hair into a vertical section in front of the ear .

Spray it with hair spray. Take your curling iron and start  doing these beautiful curls , such as shown below.

Slightly loosen clamp grip on hair , and inch the curling iron downward. Then burl upward again.

Repeat down the light of your hair section. Loosen clamp grip and release .  After that repeat the  same steps around the head.

Break up your curls with your fingers. Don’t use brush.

For your volume section your hair into small sections around the crown . Wrap the hair around the barrel of the curling iron . Do the same to the entire crown .

Spray with hair spray .




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