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DIY: Cupcake Holder


Cupcakes are very popular and very delicious type of cakes among all generations. And now you can make a cute and portable cupcake holder in less than five minutes. For this project, all you need is: plastic soufflé cups, a colorful ribbon, a hole punch and some tasty cupcakes!

In order to make one cupcake holder, you need two plastic soufflé cups. Firstly, put both of the cups together. Using a hole punch, make a hole just below the top through both of the cups. Repeat on the other side of the cups, directly across from the first hole you created. Separate the cups afterwards and place them one on top of the other. Cut some ribbon and push one end of it through the holes on both sides of the cups. Tie a beautiful bow. Carefully place your cupcake in the bottom cup. Put the other soufflé cup on top. With the second ribbon, push it again through the holes on both sides and tie a bow. You are ready!

Making a cupcake holder is a creative and simple way to keep your cupcakes fresh. This great project is perfect when you have to take small desserts to a party!




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