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DIY Crayon Lipstick!


DIY Crayon Lipstick!


Create your own DIY Crayon Lipstick – create all the colors of the rainbow!

Grab your kid’s crayons and let’s get going!


What you’ll need:


One whole crayon – preferably Crayola ½ teaspoon of Coconut Oil

¼ teaspoon of Olive Oil or other vegetable oil Paper towels

Cutting board covered with a paper towel Glass jar

Butter knife Pot to boil water

A tool for stirring – tip: chopstick works great! Mold of some sort for your lipstick



Here’s how:


Step 1: Choose a color for your lipstick. The darker and/or more vibrant the crayon color, thebetter the results

Step 2: Peel the paper label off the crayon

Step 3: Fill your pot with around 4 inches of water and turn heat to high to get the water boiling, once boiling, reduce the heat to low/medium – we want the water to keep boiling but not dancing out all over the place!

Step 4: Put ½ a teaspoon of Coconut Oil and ¼ Olive or vegetable oil in the glass jar


Step 5: Make sure the cutting board is completely covered by the paper towel so you don’t get crayon all over the board.

Step 6: Carefully cut the crayon into small pieces with your butter knife. (The crayon needs to be in small pieces so it melts faster)

Step 7: Put all the pieces of crayon in to the small glass jar then set your glass jar down in to the boiling pot. Get the mold out and ready

Step 8: Use your stirring item to stir the pieces of crayon and oils together and watch as the chunks get smaller and smaller – keep stirring the crayon pieces until it is all melted and smooth

Step 9: Turn off the stove, get an oven mitt and carefully pull out the glass jar (IT WILL BE EXTREMELY HOT). Grab your mold and carefully pour the melted crayon in to the mold. If there is any crayon mixture extra not needed – wait until it cools down and throw it in the garbage


Step 10: If you want to make more lipstick shades (and why wouldn’t you?) put the glass jar, now coated with colored wax, into the sink and let it cool before using a paper towel to wipe out the previous color from the jar. A few swipes and you should be ready for a new color.

Step 11: Moving slowly, transfer your mold full of hot wax to the refrigerator, where it’ll need 15–20 minutes to set before you can use it.

But when it does… Awwww!!! Look how cute!!



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