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DIY: Comfy Ottoman


It is time to be creative and make some décor changes in your apartment. For instance, you can experiment with making some comfy ottomans for the living room by recycling old plastic bottles. Apart from being really useful, they also create a nice and relaxing atmosphere. For this project you will need: plastic bottles, duct tape, thin pillows, two pieces of cardboard, instant glue and scissors. The quantity of the plastic bottles depends on the size of your ottoman.

To begin with, join all plastic bottles together using the duct tape. As shown on the picture, place the two pieces of cardboard on top and at the bottom of the plastic bottles. They should cover all the bottles. Put some thin pillows on top, around and at the bottom of the ottoman to make it soft and more comfortable. Use the instant glue to attach them to the cardboard. If you want, you can cover the pillows with a colorful fabric.

After you are done, place your comfy ottoman in your room. Now that you know about this great idea, you will not throw plastic bottles on bin anymore! It is time to invite some guests and show them your new ottoman. 



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