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DIY Color your wall!


DIY Color your wall!


Bored of your plain white wall in the living room?

Want to bright up your kitchen or dining room?


Art can be pretty expensive to hang in a room that maybe you don’t use often however we should have some nice décor for welcoming visitors, right?


Use your shelves to ‘color up’ your room… but what colors?


Here’s how:


Use your shelves on the wall to add anything you wish to display


In our picture we show everyday kitchen items – you can use potted plants, photos – anything you like!


Pick the right color!


Choosing the right color for your home schemes is very important when wishing to introduce an ambience in the room, here’s what the colors mean:


Red & Orange:            These colors give an autumn twist to your room, giving warmth and a soothing atmosphere – Ideal for autumn / Winter Seasons


Blue:                            Blue is a cold color therefore avoid in winter time, blue is a great color to use in the spring time alongside green and light purples


Yellow:                        Yellow is a ‘happy’ color – avoid this color in winter – keep it for spring and summer!



You can simply add any colors you wish, just make sure you are choosing the correct color to

match the atmosphere theme you are looking for!





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