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DIY Cat Make-Up


Looking for some inspiration for a fancy dress party, event or just a whole lotta fun?

This chic idea will have your fancy dress outfit complete!

All you need is black liquid eyeliner, black eyeliner and a black eyeshadow

liner (1)

1. Apply the black liquid eyeliner to the upper lash area of the eyelashes (apply a thin line)

2. Ensure you apply a ‘flick‘ at the outside of the eye as shown. Apply black eyeliner in the lower section of the eye and also apply a ‘flick’ at the side of the eye.

3. Now fill in the area between the upper and lower ‘flick’ at the corner of the eye

4. Apply the black liquid eyeliner to the inner crease of the eyelid. If darker, thicker lines are needed, apply more eyeliner

5. Apply dramatic mascara

6. For the nose, draw a heart at the tip of the nose with either black eyeshadow or black eyeliner

7. Attach the heart on the nose with a diagonal line down to the mouth and draw a ‘mostache’ shape on the lips

Enjoy, meeeeow!!



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