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DIY Cat Eye Makeup


Cats are fabulous animals, but their eyes are magical. Some women were also blessed with such eyes, a wonderful blend between green and warm yellow. If they wear certain type of makeup, they will totally resemble the felines.

Today we are going to show you a great cat eye makeup. If you have blue or dark colors – don`t worry, it will suit you, too.

You need to prepare your eyes, using an eye shadow primer. Draw a thin grey line just below the lower eyelid. Smudge it a little bit using a clean brush and use a black liner to make the shape shown on picture 3. Fill in the outside part with black eyeshadow and the inside part with nude eyeshadow. Don`t blend, make the border sharp.

Use a black liner to line the upper lash line and apply mascara. Your cat eye makeup is ready!

cat eye makeup


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