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DIY Butterflies! Wicked Design!


STOP! Don’t throw out those water bottles!

Some of us recycle bottles at the local recycling bins but have you ever thought of other things that can be done with them?


. Like pretty butterflies?


We can’t believe that a water bottle and some simple other products we have at home can make such beautiful things!


What you’ll need:


A small water bottle

Small pictures of butterflies


6 different nail polish colors

Black marker pen



Decorative stones



Step 1: Collect all the items above


Step 2: Cut the water bottle using scissors in to a strip (see picture)


Step 3: Collect pictures of butterflies


Step 4: Glue the butterfly picture to be used on to a piece of paper


Step 5: With a black marker pen begin to highlight the main parts of the butterfly


Step 7: Continue to highlight the rest of the lines on the butterfly with the black marker


Step 8: Place the piece of paper with the butterfly on it behind the strip of plastic just cut from the water bottle


Step 9: Using again the black marker, trace the outline and internal lines to complete the butterfly picture on the plastic


Step 10: Now collect all nail polish colors


Step 11: Begin to color the butterfly with the nail polish colors preferred


Step 12: Wait to the nail polish to dry


Step 13: Go over the lines once again with the black marker


Step 14: Cut away any excess plastic with scissors


Step 15: Add 2 glue spots to the middle of the butterfly and attach 2 decorative stones



Your water bottle has now been recycled in to a pretty, metallic butterfly!



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