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DIY Buffet Pancake Dippers


Today we are going to show you a simple pancake recipe which is very delicious and a great idea for breakfast in bed. Here we go:

All you need:

• one pack of Bisquick;
• pancake batter;
• 12 slices of bacon;
• Lite syrup;
• a squeeze bottle;

Cook the slices of bacon and put them in a bowl. Follow the direction on the Bisquick package and mix the batter according to them. Put the batter into a squeeze bottle, for instance a ketchup or mayo bottle. Cut the tip of the bottle bigger, this way your pancakes will be wider. Take out a baking pan, and squeeze the bottle to pour the batter in the pan. Pour the batter in lines one after the other. Place a slice of bacon in the center of each batter line and press it gently. Pour some more batter on the slices of bacon. Cook the pancakes until they become golden on each side. Put the pancakes on a plate and add syrup to the side. Dip the pancakes in the syrup and enjoy with a nice cup of coffee on the side.


DIY Buffet Pancake Dippers


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