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DIY: Brazilian Wax at Home


I hate hair! Apart from the hair on my head!

There is nothing better than a clean, new wax right? Soft, smooth skin with a glow, awesome!

Im going to tell you how to do your own brazilian wax at home instead of 1) showing your intimate bits to strangers and 2) save cash!

Sound good? Read on!

Buy the right wax for your skin:

I’ve tried a few, the only way you will know which one is good for your skin is trying them.

But heres a tip…. Always go for a sensitive skin wax, even if you dont have sensitive skin, its much more caring on your skin that normal alternatives.

While you’re at it, buy some applicators (the large, slanted ones are better) and find your tweezers.

Make sure nobody is home:

As you’ll find out pretty quickly, it’s an emotional experience that should only be between the 4 walls, you and your crotch!!

Heat the wax:

Invest in a good, high quality wax warmer. It will keep the wax consistently heated and I find it to be less messy. Never try to heat the wax in a microwave or pot!

Hair length:

Aim for around ¼ inch of hair length. If the hair is any shorted than this, the wax will not be able to grab on to the hair causing un-necessary pain. If the hair is longer than this, trim it slightly before waxing.

Then go for it!

Spread the wax on to the area required with a spactula and pull the strips (always pull strips in the opposite way of the hair growth)

Use tweezers to take out any sparce hairs.


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