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DIY: Blush


Want a simple way to make your own blush at home?

Here we show you in this tutorial, how easy it can be made at home.

You will need:


Baby Powder

Red Food Coloring

Container for the blush


TIP: Use these measurements of red food coloring for the color you want: 1-2 drops for light pink, 3-4 drops for medium pink or 5-6 drops for red/dark pink

Here’s how!

1. In a bowl, mix the amount of food coloring (depending on what color you wish to have) with 3 tablespoons of water. 

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2. Add baby powder to the bowl, 1-2 teaspoons at a time, and mix until smooth. 

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3. Continue to add baby powder until you have almost a soft clay mixture.

4. Now, use the fingers to squeeze the mixture in to an empty container

download (3) (11)

Happy Blushing!



  1. jane dela cruz on

    Thanks for the info, im a fan of your page DIY, but one question since the baking soda is also good for face, is it ok, make substitute for the baby powder or even half mix can do?

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