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DIY Beautiful White and Pink Make-Up


Wow, wow and wow!

Absolutely looooooove this! Its time to get Summery girls with this amazing pink DIY tutorial.

Get ready:

Pink and white Eyeshadow (Use shimmered shadows)

Applicator brush

Black liquid eyeliner

Black kohl eyeliner

Black mascara

Here goes:

1. Begin by using an applicator brush to sweep the pink eyeshadow across all the eyelid

2. Now begin to add the pink eyeshadow to the inner V of the eye (as seen on image)

3. Carry on with the pink eyeshadow to apply to the upper inner section of the eyelid (under the eyebrow)

4. Apply the white eyeshadow to the inner section of the  eye lid (as shown in image)

5. Apply the liquid eyeliner, kohl eyeliner and mascara as normal



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