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DIY Beautiful Old Gold Makeup


Makeup ideas seem to be endless – but that’s good news, because it means we can be different everyday. What`s more we can not only replicate the makeup ideas we see in the tutorials, but also use our imagination and creativity and make them even more beautiful.

In this tutorial, we`ll show you a simple, yet stylish makeup idea, which will be perfect for a nice evening out. You will need an old gold shade, together with a shimmery brownish one, as well as some brushes. As you know, the brush is very important tool, when it comes to makeup application.

Always start by applying eyeshadow primer. Then carefully cover 1/3 of your upper eyelid with the old gold eyeshadow and use a clean brush to apply the brown one as shown on the picture. Then blend the colors together, until you get the desired result and make a winged eye, using a black eyeliner.

Applying mascara is the final step to your beautiful outlook. Enjoy! 



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