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DIY: Beautiful Eyebrows


If you are tired of you always messy brows it is time to check out this tutorial. Very few girls are lucky enough to have naturally well-shaped eyebrows, so most of us should learn how to take proper care of them, in order to make them look nice.

In this tutorial, we`ll show you how to apply makeup to the eyebrows and make them look as if you are wearing a permanent makeup.

It is not so difficult – but remember groomed and well shaped eyebrows are the key to beautiful looking face.

So groom and cut your eyebrows if necessary. Comb them, using an old mascara wand. Then use a brow liner in a color that matches your natural one and fill in the eyebrows. Use a concealer or any other type of foundation around the eyebrows, as shown on the picture and carefully blend, until it there is no difference in the skin tones.

And that`s it! Combine with a lovely eye makeup, proper face contouring and stunning lipstick and go show off.




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