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DIY Baby Memory Book


Are you still trying to get your little one to say ‘mama’ before ‘papa’?!

Here is a great idea to teach your child who everyone is in your family with your own cute baby memory book.

What you need is:

Pictures of the baby with the family members you wish to add, paper, black marker, scissors and glue (oh and your kids baby book!)

1. Using your childs old story book, you will attach the photographs you wish to add with glue (make sure they are the right size for the book before gluing!)

2. Now using scissora, cut a strip of paper the same width as the book and approximately 2cm in height

3. Now write the persons name on the paper (I.e. Mum, dad, gran etc)

4. Glue the paper strip to the bottom section of the book – as shown

5. Voila, now teach your child ‘mama’ over and over again!


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