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DIY Awesome Shoe Storage


Today we will show you an amazing idea to keep your shoes in order. It doesn’t take any special skills to make -and of course, it only takes a few hours to put together the wooden pieces and you will be able to have the best shoe storage ever without spending much money on it.

To make this awesome shoe storage you will require 9 round discs of plywood, standard and tall divider slabs of plywood. First you have to fix the standard dividers on 4 discs and tall dividers on 1 disc. Then join every two discs with standard dividers topped with an upper disc. The one disc with tall dividers will be topped with a disc and this unit will be the base unit. After that make a square wood frame. Fix a disc over it using wood glue and nails. Then add a turntable swivel to it and attach the base unit with a screw. Finally again with a second turntable swivel attach the second unit to the base unit.


DIY Awesome shoe storage


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