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DIY 2 Toned Lips


Unique and cool!

Thats the 2 words I always want to hear when people talk about my make-up!

Here is a must try for your next night out…. 2 toned lips! Grab yourself a applicator brush, a bright orange lipstick, a light pink and lilac one and we’re set to go!

TIP: I always add a thin layer of foundation to my lips so my lipstick stays on for longer

1. Add a layer of foundation to the lips if wanted

2. Apply the bright orange lipstick to the top lip

3. Now take the lilac lipstick and apply to the bottom lip (only half of the lip – as shown in the picture)

4. Now apply the light pink on the other half of the lip

5. Using an applicator brush, blend the 2 colors together

Simple huh?!  ( You can use other lipstick colors, it’s up to you )

Add gloss over the top if you wish to shine, however if you do, dont swipe with the brush, dab the gloss on with your finger ensuring the colors dont rub off in to each other.



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