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Different Lip Shapes & How to Play with Them


Kevin Aucoin was a famous American makeup artist who has left behind a lot of knowledge, tips and most of all, a great makeup brand. His attitude towards lipstick has always included a little big of extravagance and freedom: for instance, he said that following the natural lip shape is only one option to do your makeup, but there is so much more.

Here are some looks that you can create by accentuating on your lips and thinking outside the box:

Natural Lip

This is maybe the most basic lipstick style, with a symmetrically shaped mouth, no overdoing and a nice natural color.

Glamour Girl

Going just a little over the end of the upper lip and extending it slightly was Marylin Monroe’s beauty trick for seductiveness. Definitely a good one!


Here the Cupid’s bow is filled and hidden. That creates a fuller lips effect, following the example of fashion icons like Naomi Campbell and Kate Hepburn.

Bonnie Parker”

This look is more angular and sharp, even though it slightly follows the natural lip shape, resembling a late ’60s à la Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde.

Cupid’s Bow


The exagerration in this look makes it very feminine, seductive and playful. The edges of the drawn lip line are very sharp, and they go both inside and outside of the natural lip line.


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