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Destination: Prague


“The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life.”

– Agnes Repplier

   Did you have fun discovering Shanghai? Me too! But today we have to move on to a different location – a different continent, a different culture. Today, our destination is  Europe! To a country that is so different than the ones we talked about that you will be amazed! We’re going on a trip to the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic – Prague! Prague has one of the richest and most interesting histories in all Europe and after I show it to you, you’ll definitely want to catch the plane and visit one of the most beautiful European cities!

  I bet you don’t know much about Prague, right? Well, how would you since the city has a population, 10 times smaller than Mumbai’s and 20 time smaller than Shanghai’s. Althought it’s the largest city in it’s country, Prague is home to only 1.2 million people – population, equal to a neighborhood in Shanghai. Nevertheless, it has rich history and culture and won’t disappoint any of the travelers that want to explore it. Prague is situated in the western side of the Czech Republic, on the Vitava river. The climate is continental, which means that the summers are hot and the winters – cold (nothing special when it comes to weather). The official language is Czech (2/3 of the people are Czechs) and the official currency is Czech koruna – 1 USD is equal to 19 CZK. The city is full of tourist all year round so finding where to sleep and eat can be difficult at times. Compared to other Europen counties (especially the Western ones), Prague is a relatively cheap city and you can easily spend around 80-90 dollars a day including accomodation and food. Of course, whether you choose to sleep in a dorm-like room or a luxury hotel the prices may vary, but wholely it’s very cheap.

  Prague is relatively safe but don’t forget that especially in the public transport, foreigners are an easy target for pickpockets and other thieves. Other than that, public transport is maybe the best, fastest and cheapest way to go around Prague and you can use to for sightseeing and taking photos aof the amazing architecture.

  The Czech Republic, like many of the European countries, has a unique architecture and culture, which will make your stay in Prague a whole lot interesting and educational. To get to know Praha, like the locals call it, better, take the historic tram 91, which will give you the opportunity to ride around and see some of the historic building of the city. Difinitely go to Old Town Square and Charles Bridge where you can rent a boat you go sightseeing by boat. If you are with your family be sure to go to the Prague Zoo, the Toy museum and to Aqua Palace – the largest water park in Central Europe. Some of the other places you would definitely get some great photos, are the Minicipal House, the Dancing House, Golden Lane, and one of the most magnificent Gothic churches – Church of Our Lady before Tyn.

  You have to try the Czech cuisine at least once! It’s very specific and it’s not like anything you have ever tasted! Czechs love eating two things – soups and meat and I would recommend you to do your research before going there and get some information about the many dishes that are surved there. There is one more thing to have do in Prague – drink beer! The age for drinking alcohol is like everywhere in Europe – 18, so you won’t have problems if you are under 21. But, yes, definitely try the local beer, because the Czech Republic is one of the places where you can taste real beer!

  The Czech Republic is next to Germany and Austria – two amazing coutries that you can visit after you’re done with Prague and transportation to them is fairly easy. You know what? Maybe for tomorrow I should take you on an adventure to one of them…


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