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Destination: Munich


“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

– Ibn Battuta

  Last time when I was talking about one of the oldest cities in Europe – Prague, I promised you that I will talk about either Austria or Germany in my next article. Today, we will go on a journey to one of my favorite countries in Europe, country, full of history that is famous worldwide for its capital, football and beer! Today, we’re talking Germany – and more specifically Munich – the most beautiful city in Germany! So, now we will catch the train from Prague to Munich and in 5 hours we will arrive in our next destination

  So, where is Munich? Munich, or München as the German call it, is situated in the state of Bavaria, in Germany. It is the third largest city after the capital, Berlin, and Hamburg. Minuch is most famous for its football team FC Bayern Munich. Munich has a population of only 1 million and a half people (extremely small compared to our first destinations) but it holds such great history and architecture that you should definitely visit it! Weather is Germany is on the cold side (the lowest measured temperature ever was -30.5 C˚!) so the best time to visit it is in the summer – the hottest month is July. Rainfalls are something average in Germany so be ready for them whenever you decide to go. Because Germany is in the European Union (not only it is in the EU, but it’s one of the founders of the union!) the currency is Euro – 1 € is equal to 1.30$. Germany is not a cheap country, but the living standards are fairly high. Germany is a safe and very well organized country which makes it one of the best places to live in Europe.

So, enough about Germany. What about Munich? Munich, as I said, is a town with great history that is believed to have started around 1100 – impressive, right? Munich has a typical German architecture but at the same time is able to incorporate many modern buildings in it. Munich is the home of the world-famous Octoberfest – a fest, attended by 6 million people from all over the world, that celebrates Bavarian culture and beer, of course. It’s held from late September to the first week of October so if you want to go to Germany in the fall, definitely be sure to visit Octoberfest.

If you are not a fest person and want to explore the city, here are some suggestions. First, go visit the Schloss Nymphenburg – a beautiful palace with astonishing gardens. It used to be the summer residence of the rulers of Bavaria and now it’s transformed into a museum that you should definitely visit! Gärtnerplatz is the heart of Munich. The square is the meeting point both for locals and foreigners and is very famous among the younger people as a place to sit, talk and, of course, people-watch. Another place that you can consider as a meeting point, especially in the hotter months, is the Olympic park – the lake, the park and the Olympic vibe that you can feel all over the place is something every traveler should see if he wants to discover Munich! Other places you should go are Königsplatz, Asamkirche and The Angel of Peace statue.

A place that you should definitely visit, no matter if you are with family or not, is Tierpark Hellabrunn – one of the first natural zoos in the world. Now it’s house to more than 5000 animals from 460 species. It’s quite impressive so definitely check it! Another thing that all the men out there would like is the BMW museum. Of course there will be a BMW museum in Germany, especially in Munich. All the attractions and key buildings in the city are easy to reach with the public transport, which is cheap and very well-kept.

When you go to Munich don’t forget to taste the local cuisine! German food is very specific, they eat meat (a lot!) and some of the dishes are so unique that you can find them only in specific parts of the country. As I said about Prague, definitely check out the German beer (I have tasted it, it’s amazing!) and don’t forget to say Prost! when drinking with the locals – Prost! means Cheers! in English. People in Germany are good to foreigners and most of them speak English so you won’t have a problem if you need directions or help.

Europe is an extraordinary place, full of unique cultures and people who  everyone should encounter at least once in their lives. But I think we stayed in Europe for too long. Where should we go next? You decide.


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