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Destination: Havana


“The journey is the destination”

– Dan Eldon

  We went to Asia, Europe, now we are going to the Caribbean! Our next destination is a place that I have always been wanting to visit and to dive in its amazing culture. We are going to Cuba, and most specifically, we are going to Havana! Havana is a city with extraordinary culture and people and will make you want to stay there forever if you ever visit it.

Where’s Havana? Well, in Cuba! Havana is the capital city of the Republic of Cuba and its largest city. The population is not that much – around 2 million people and the Roman Catholics form the largest religion group in the city. The climate is tropical which means that the temperatures are high throughout the whole year. The national currency is the peso – 1 US dollar is equal to 26.5 Cuban pesos. Cuba is not a very rich country, but has a growing tourism which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Havana is a place where you can lose your sense of time. Everyday you stay there will be an whole new adventure and you’ll never get bored. Go to the local museums, palaces and churches. Go to Old Havana, or La Habana Vieja, as the locals call it – a part of the city where the old feel and buildings are contained. Although some of them are ruined, many of the building are restored to show tourists how Havana used to look like back in the day. You, there is a Chinatown is Havana so you can take a walk around there – I would really like to see how Chinese culture clashes with the Cuban one.

When going to Cuba there is one or two things you should definitely do, the first of which is dance! Cuban are so passionate and love their music so dancing is a main part of their culture. The other thing you have to do is smoke a cigar and drink a glass of rum while watching the white-sanded beaches of Havana. What more could you want in life? About the beaches – in Havana there are several big ones (I mean 1 km of white sand) – Guanabo, Boca Ciega or Santa Maria del Mar, so be sure to go to one of them and enjoy the beautiful views while, of course, smoking a cigar and drinking rum. When in Havana, you have to taste the local cuisine, of course. Cuban cuisine is a mixture of American, African, Spanish and Caribbean cuisine and that’s why it is so unique and special and you should definitely try it.

Havana is a place for dreamers, for people who want to experience a whole new world and go to a place when time has stopped and people live in an a parallel universe. Next time you want to go on an adventure somewhere, think about Havana and just book the flight – I assure you, you will have the time of your life!


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