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Cut Off Jacket – DIY Style!


I’ve seen these jackets appear recently in most cool high street stores and I must say the idea is genius!!

One jacket with 2 different meanings!!

The whole idea is to have a normal ‘suit type’ jacket that you wear to the office, unzip and then your ready for after work cocktails with a short ‘show it off jacket’!

So how can you make your own for a couple of dollars instead of paying too much for it?

Easy! Get a pair of scissors, your sewing machine and a zip and we’re ready to transform!!

Here’s how:

Begin by seeing where you will want the ‘cut off’ part of the jacket to be (its always a good idea to try on the jacket and pin where the cut off will be with pins)

Now you know where the jacket will cut off, cut a straight line across the jacket (make sure you have sharp scissors for this one!)

Now add the zip with a sewing machine here as you need to have secure sewing.

That’s it! Easy right? Enjoy!



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