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Curly Waterfall Braid – DIY Tutorial


This is a really cool hairstyle, idea for formal occasions or if you just want to feel like a real princess. This is the so called waterfall braid. Start braiding as if you are doing an ordinary brand, then incorporate some hair from the top, as if you are starting a French braid. Then starts the actual part – grab a section of hair from the top and incorporate it into the braid, abandoning the previous one. Do this for the rest of the hair – it is like a French braid, but you are just dropping the bottom part.

When you are done, use bobby pins to separate the hair from the strands, incorporated into the braid. Then take your curling iron and start curling the sections that are falling down. Don`t forget to spray your hair with protective spray – no need to damage the hair. When you curl all the strands, you`ll end up with a lovely wavy waterfall braid. That`s all – enjoy it




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