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Curls Without A Curling Iron


Ladies, just because you don’t have a curling iron or you don’t want to damage your hair with the heat of one, it doesn’t mean you can’t get fabulous curls.

Not only are the soft, loose curls the most comfortable and desirable style during all seasons, but there are practically millions of ways to acquire them! Below you will find a few of them!


Give them a try. This method might look quite old to you, but it is definitely effective! Old, but gold, you will be having incredibly attractive curls in the end and it does not damage your hair. The key to your wanted hairstyle is something very easy – the bigger the roller, the looser the wave.  And the bonus is that you don’t need to blowdry! You can just apply a lightweight mousse onto your damp hair and wrap your hair around the rollers afterwards. When you wake up in the morning you only have to comb your hair with a large paddle brush and that’s it!

Braid or Bun

If you wish for a looser look, braid your hair before bed, or make a bun. Make sure your hair is damp before starting and the best thing is that, again, you don’t need to blow dry. You simply wake up in the morning, let your hair down and lightly brush it!

Clip it up

This is a very lazy beauty trick for beach waves. When you wake up in the morning, generously use a gritty texture spray. Afterwards twist pieces back and up and use a shark clip to keep it up. Let your hair dry like that for some time and once it’s done, add a few more spritzes and you are ready to go!

Curling Products

You can always invest in a potent curl cream. It gives you fabulous curls with no heat! Not only does it define your curls, but it also smooths them down and they look incredibly natural.

Shine&Hold water based sprays are also an option! They are not sticky and are great for all types of hair. You just have to choose the best for you and spray it on your damp hair before you do your hairstyle.



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