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Cruella De Vil Inspired Makeup


This is probably one of the villains that scares puppies more than it scares children. Reading the book or watching the movie as a child you were probably baffled by that crazy woman. So why not dress like her, especially if there is an occasion. Even though Halloween is almost a year away you can try this makeup on a birthday party, a mask ball, or even at the office. It is a very light makeup but still devilish so you may cause some extra fear in your colleagues or bosses, just so they don’t bother you this day.

You can use the special palette for this look, as there are the precise shades but if you don’t have them you still can do pretty well. Here is how to do it in just 8 steps.

Step 1

Begin with creating a base. Apply some eyelid primer all over your lids so the effect of the makeup lasts longer.

Step 2

Using an eyeshadow brush apply very light eyeshadow color, it may be white or very light beige, close to nude color, in the corners of your eyes, both the inner and outer corner, and the brow bone, so you can highlight your look.

Step 3

Now use a bronze shade, maybe “puppy love” (isn’t it ironic how this shade it called given the fact what kind of makeup it is part of). Apply it all over the lid. If there are any harsh lines, make sure you blend them. Apply the same shade on your lower lashline for a more smoldering look.

Step 4

For this step there is a very interesting technique you do not try every day. Use a dark brown shade, it should be darker than the bronze one you have already applied. Now turn your brush diagonal and define the outer part of your eye that has a V-shape.


Get a brightening eyeliner pencil in the color graphite and apply it on your upper lashline to create a dramatic effect.

Step 6

Apply mascara on your upper lashes and curl them up. If you want you can put false lashes as well.

Step 7

Apply your favourite lip color all over your lips and it will be better if it is in the same tones as the colors for your eye makeup.

Step 8

Now devilish look is complete. Do not forget to have fun and maybe scare someone you don’t like. Just sayin’.



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