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Crazy Celebrity Prenup’s


We all understand that if you have a lot of money, property and other assets you have to protect them when it comes to leading yourself in to a marriage.

However, some celebrities just take it a little to far.

In the celeb world we see a lot of seperations and divorces taking place, but what are the stars getting? What are the Prenup’s conditions?

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen

This is a crazy one! It states in the Prenup that Denise would get a $4 million bonus if the former cheater, cheated on her! Money for that kind of heartbreak? Crazy!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

It is reported that for every one year Katie was married to Tom, she gets $3 million dollars! Katie is due for a massive $33 million dollars!!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Its reported that Keith will receive an approximate payment of $640,000 for every year they are married. The Prenup does however state that if Keith (a former cocaine user) touches drugs there will be no settlement.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Although not married yet, there is a prenup that states that if the golden couple were to break, that Angelina would keep full custody of all children.


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