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Crazy Beauty Tricks Which Definitely Work


Sometimes the way to look beautiful is not so beautiful at all. There are some strange and even crazy things which will work for the perfect look we all so much wish for. These tricks may be strange but they really work. Take a look:

Mascara. If you are getting angry with the black spots from the mascara which are painting our skin or fingers you should do something about it. Take a spoon and hold it under the lashes with the bottom up when you apply your mascara. So the product won’t go on your eyelid or under eye skin.

Puffy under eyes. Cut off a potato and put the slices into the puffy area for about 10 minutes. The potatoes will cool down the skin and the edema will fade away. This other trick for reducing puffy eyes is really weird, but it really works – use hemorrhoid cream. This product tightens puffy areas really fast. If the smell of the cream is too strong you can mix it with your regular moisturizer before applying it.

Cellulite. You’ve noticed that your skin is getting a little bit uneven and the cellulite is right behind the corner. Exfoliate your problem area with coffee. It really works very well against an “orange” skin.

Hair. If your hair is dry you can get really fast natural moisturizer – the mayonnaise. Cover your hair with it and let the mayo work for about 20 minutes. If you want to increase the effect you should dry it a little bit with hairdryer.

Nail polish. If you have some air bubbles when you apply your nail polish, it’s because the polish is being stored somewhere hot. If you store your nail polish in the fridge you won’t have any problems with these ugly air bubbly all over your nails.

After workout. It’s normal to have a red face after your workout, because your blood is traveling fast all over your body. But if the redness is still there after half an hour you can take an antihistamine and it will fade away.

New-shoes wounds. If you are afraid of getting wounds from your new shoes, apply vaseline to the places where you are used to be hurt.

Fast nail polish dry. If you don’t have any time to wait for the nail polish to dry completely you can dip your fingers in ice-cold water for 3 minutes and when you pull them out the nail polish will be completely dry.

Harmful high heels. There is a recent study that shows why the high heeled shoes feel so uncomfortable. There is a nerve between the third and the fourth toes, which is causing the pain of wearing high heels. So, the trick to remove the pain is easy – just stick the third and the fourth toes with tape, but be careful not to stick them too tight. With this trick you won’t feel any pain and discomfort next time you wear your favorite high heeled shoes.



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