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Comfortable Shoes for the Rainy Season


If you are travelling to remote parts of the world during the rainy season, you will need easy-dry clothes, rain gear, and appropriate shoes. Better leave your pumps, leathers, and platforms at home and pack rain-appropriate shoes. Choose a pair of comfortable sandals or waterproof shoes for rainy days.

Rain footwear comes in various types and designs, including boat shoes, tevas, rubber shoes, crocks, jellies, and others. You need practical footwear that will keep you from falling, sliding, and slipping. A good idea is to buy a pair of shoes with multiple straps. Crocks are also practical and comfortable to wear during the rainy season. Another option is to buy a pair of flats or rubber shoes. Rubber shoes are a great addition to your shoe collection because they are durable, comfortable, lightweight, and easy to clean and maintain. Rubber shoes are ideal for your travels, especially if you are travelling during the monsoon season. A pair of tevas is also a great pick because they are made for rain and water. In fact, tevas were designed by a river guide. This is the perfect rain footwear as it is comfortable and inexpensive.

There are some cute shoes for cold and rainy days, which are comfortable at the same time. Others are great for heavy rain and wet landscapes, for example, desert boots, Chalsea boots, and Wellington boots. The good thing about Chalsea boots is that you can choose from more formal and casual styles and outfits. You can combine them with a corporate suit or a pair of denims. Chalsea boots are suitable for rainy weather and are comfortable in that they provide ankle-to-toe protection and support. A pair of desert boots is another option for rainy days. While the name sounds misleading, they are great for wet landscapes and heavy rains. They are durable, comfortable, and allow the feet to breathe. Choose a pair of desert boots with rubber soles, made from nappa leather. Sneakers and military boots are also good choices for your trip. Sneakers are offered in different color schemes and designs, including more conservative and trendy. You will find designer footwear and less expensive options. A pair of military boots is ideal for rainy and muddy environments.

In addition to comfortable shoes, it is a good idea to pack rain gear such as your raincoat, umbrella, and rain jacket. Obviously, you need to pack easy-dry clothes that are made from polyester blends. Opt for synthetics and leave your denim clothes at home. In any case, choose clothes that dry faster. You may want to pack other essentials such as silica gel, waterproof flashlight, germ killers, and mosquito repellent. Hand sanitizers are great for damp surfaces. You can take a water purifier if traveling to a country or region where cases of dysentery, malaria, and other diseases have been reported. Don’t forget to take plastic bags with you so that you can keep dry and wet clothes separate. 


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