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Clip in Your Extensions Properly!


Sorry to say but ive seen disasters when it comes to ladies putting in their clip on’s.

 So how can we put them in (and make them stay in!) without looking like we wanna be Barbie?!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Your clip ins, hair spray and a comb

Here’s how:

I use clip in hair extensions and the main problem I find is not putting them in or making them look natural, its making them stay in their place, thats the problem!

The best way is by doing the following:

Line up the extensions on your head to where you want to place them

At the place where the clip will attach to your hair, there are 2 options:

1. Make a small braid (around 2cm long, starting from the root of the hair piece) and tease the end of the braid with the comb and add hairspray to hold


2. Tease the section with the comb and add hairspray (without the braid) starting at the root of the hair piece

I find that using a braid and teasing the hair works better as it holds longer and will not allow the extension to fall.

There is one problem though, try not to use these techniques every day as constant teasing with hairspray may result in breaking the hair.


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